Business Acceleration Labs

Each of the labs are customized to help you map, design, assess, and test Business Models


The success of your business will come down to many factors– including your own abilities, your market readiness and most importantly your financial foundation and human resources.


Now that your business is generating a constant cash flow each year, its time to begin focusing on hiring the right team to managing increasing levels of revenue, attending to customers, dealing with the competition and supervising an expanding workforce.


Your business is firmly established and has a presence within the industry sector.  A solid staff is in place to handle various areas of the business. You have a proven and duplicatable process that can be expanded to other markets.

What will be covered?

Each session has been designed to address the specific needs of a specific industry sector. Upon registration, participate will be required to complete pre-course prep materials.

Business Model CANVAS Assessment

The Business Model Canvas or BMC model is a graphic representation of a number of variables that show the values of an organization. We use Business Model Canvas is an assessment tool for the development of emerging, established and expanding organization.

We explore the following building blocks:

Key partners
Key activities
Key resources
Value propositions
Customer relationships
Customer segments
Cost structure
Revenue streams


Visioneering Process

Visioneering is the process of mapping your vision or dream into a workable model of absolute success.

  • Personal
  • Career
  • Business


Money Smart for Small Business

MSSB has been designed for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. Money Smart for Small Business (MSSB) provides an introduction to topics related to managing and financing a business. MSSB was developed jointly by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and is faciliated by subject matter professionals from financial institutions, accounting, insurance, financial planning, venture capitalist, city/county economic development offices and others.
Session include:

Is Owning a Business a Good Fit for You?
Planning for a Healthy Business
Banking Services
Organization Types
Time Management
Financial Management
Record Keeping
Strong Business Credit
Risk Management
Tax Planning and Reporting
Selling Your Small Business and Succession Planning
Managing Cash Flow

The Omni-Channel Marketing & Sales Process

Omnichannel is a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience. Omnichannel leverages multichannel that includes physical locations, ecommerce, mobile applications, and social media with the goal of improving the (user) customer experience.

Human Resources-Top Talent Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is critical for successful employee performance and retention, yet research shows that
in Fortune 500 companies alone, half of all senior executive outside hires fail within 18 months of entry, and
half of all hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 120 days. This session is design to reveal best practices for recruiting and securing top talent.

Duplicating Success through Franchising and Licensing

Franchising and Licensing are an extension of your existing brand or business that allow to expand. Your brand is an asset that will be governed in accordance to the legal formation you select to expand into. We see franchising, licensing and owner-operator relationships as excellent ways to establish multiple streams of income, retire early or leave a legacy for your family.

How to Become a Profitable Tutoring Business

Come and discover the business of educating others

How to Become a Profitable Business Online

Leverage your influence online: Blog, E-commerce, Directory, Courses

How to Become a Profitable Car Detailing Business

Detailing can be a lucrative start-up. Every car, pick up truck, van, mini van and even motorcycles is a potential customer!

How to Become a Profitable Food Truck Business

Food Trucks are a profitable alternative to opening up and maintaining an expensive Restaurant location 

How to Become a Profitable Small Scale Manufacuture

Learn how to make and mass produce a profitable product 

Becoming An Ecopreneur-Top Businesses to Start

Discover the world of Agri-Business , Agri-Tech, Food , Herbs and Speciality Crop Production

Got Land? Learn How to Make Money with It!

Learn how to leverage the land you own

Profitable Affiliated Service Based Businesses to Join

Booking and Tax Services,  Maintaince Programs/Insurance and more

Tripple Threat Formation-Becoming A Social Enterprise

Discover the benfits of having a For-Profit, Non-Profit and Foundation business structure

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