Drones UX

Drones UX


From  infrastructure inspections, mapping, accident reporting ,crop monitoring, commerical, miltary and recreation use drones are on the rise. Our Drone UX Career Lab exposes Aspriants to various opportunities within this marketplace.

Exploration Topics

Our training series

This training series exposes individuals to an array of overlapping concepts needed to understand the dynamic oppportunities within this field.

Industry Overview

This session is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the key trends, segmentations and opportunities within the industry sector.

Careers and Exposure Opportunities

In this session we will explore career management strategies, labor trends, career planning and training requirements to successfully pursue opportunities within this industry sector.

Resources and Requirements

Some sessions will require the following to begin:


The Drone

Sessions will cover

  • Intro to Remotely Controled Technologies
  • Industry Terminology and  P.E.S.T.E.L. Analysis
  • Drone Comprehensive Training
  • Remote Control Products Comprehensive Training
  • Exposure Events and Tours
Programmable Technologies

Sessions will cover

  • Intro to the Software Programing and Design Economy
  • Industry Terminology and  P.E.S.T.E.L. Analysis
  • Software Programing and Design Comprehensive Training and Placement
  • Exposure Events and Tours
Certification Programs

Certificates and Certifications

  • Drone Pilot Certification

Member Access

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