MRSSA Orientation

To reach your audience, you must know who you’re talking to and where to find them. This LAB is designed to help participates solve their customer’s needs or appeal to their wants and desires through Market Research Strategic Segmentation and Positioning.  Learn core marketing technique that can help you accomplish precisely that.

Market Research Strategic Segmentation and Positioning Lab

Each labs is customized to help you map, design, assess, and test your business concept.


Provides an overview of current economic trends and strategies from industry leaders in both the private and public sector. Participants will be encouraged to develop best practice procedures specifically for tracking opportunities within their market sector. 21st century is regarded as the age of information technology, thus the ability to use data and information in real time has become a key to success for any organization.

Intro to Intelligence Methods

This session has been designed to introduce individuals to intelligent theories and methologies

  • General Intel
  • Business Intel
  • Competitive Intel
  • Knowledge management vs. data mining
Knowledge Management Tools

The amount of information generated every second is enormous. Today, no matter what business or industry you are in,your ability to access information to make timely and accurate decisions is priceless. In this session you will discover the tools used to gather data for your area of focus.


Intro Data Mining

You will learn

  • How to collect data
  • How to analysis data
  • Which data applications to use
Data Reporting

In this session you will learn

  • How to transform data into actionable insights
  • How to create beautiful engaging infographics, reports & charts
Intelligence StartUps

Learn how to monetize what you have learn.

  • How to Make Money with Knowledge
  • Data Mining Business Services
  • Creating Knowledge Based Systems

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