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The fields of Marketing and Technology are converging to produce close to 2,000 different vendors across 43 different categories in the growing and dynamic field of marketing technology. Whether you are looking for a marketing person that understands technology, or a technology person that understands marketing this new field has created an array of opportunities for you.

Project teams are forming! The MarTech Lab provides opportunities for you to expand your skills by exploring emerging technologies and adapt innovative solutions for various organizations. You will create and implement product solutions that can potentially be sold as services within the marketplace.

TO JOIN,  (1) Select a team role below.  (2) Attend our upcoming orientation. (3) Complete four week training.



MarTech Overview

The term “martech” applies to any efforts and tools that harness technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives. Martech is the blending of marketing and technology. Virtually anyone involved with digital marketing is dealing with martech this would include Marketing technologists, creative technologists, growth hackers, data scientists, digital strategists and more.

Engagement Marketer

As an experiential marketing manager, you will supervise the promotion and sales of products, services, or ideas offered by a business. It would be your job to directly engages consumers and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience. You will assist in the management of various independent brands and strive to create the most appealing campaigns based on trends within the marketplace.

Data Specialist

As a data analyst, you will gather facts, statistics, and figures and convert them into usable information. This involves utilizing a variety of data collection strategies, from reviewing databases to implementing data collection programs, to compiling large quantities of information to review and translate. After reviewing the information, it’s the data analyst’s responsibility to work with the leadership in the organization to define what uses this data can fulfill and how to improve the process for future use.

Market Research Analyst

As a marketing analyst, you are responsible for gathering consumer information and examine buying trends to create marketing plans for companies. Primary duties included designing and conducting surveys over the phone, on the Internet, through the mail, and in focus groups that identify consumer preferences and prospective markets for products. You’ll produce reports and presentations on what products will be most beneficial and profitable to produce, as well as on the design, distribution, and promotion of these products.

Creative Director

As a creative director, you are responsible for developing campaigns and selling advertising packages. You will supervise and manage the entire creative staff which includes; artists, writers, art directors and copy editors. Your duties include organizing their schedules, providing them with daily tasks and assigning them to specific projects. Other responsibilities include facilitating brainstorming ideas for advertising campaigns, working 1-on-1 with web designers and the creative staff to implement or refine ideas and budgets for a particular project.


As a creative marketing copywriter, you are responsible for writing scripts that grab the attention of potential customers and motivate them to buy products. Copywriters use words to create persuasive sales messages for television and radio commercials, direct marketing materials, e-mails, websites and more. You will coordinate 1-on-1 with the graphic design and web design teams.

UX Designer

As a UX Designer, you are responsible for exploring all aspects of a user’s experience; including industrial design, graphics, the interface, and physical manual interaction. The UX designer’s role is to combine desk-based and field research to get a full picture of who they are designing for. This might include reviewing what the current website has to offer, interviewing existing users to look for opportunities and pain points and conducting competitive research to see what else is out there. These tasks will enable the UX designer to pinpoint the core features needed for the Minimum Viable Product and start drafting some initial personas.

Web Development

As a Web developer, you are responsible for designing websites and creating Web applications for the Internet. Specific duties include programming and scripting languages, content creation and management tools on a wide variety of server platforms. You will confer with clients, managers or development teams about client needs, the scope of a project and problems to resolve; evaluating code for robustness and compatibility with browsers and operating systems; identify and fix bugs revealed during testing or discovered by customers; remain current with ongoing developments in Web technology and programming.

Public Relations and Social Media Management

As a public relations and social media manager, you are in charge of the overall communications and general image of a company, organization or individual. You act as the organization’s representatives to the news media, and organize official public appearances and events. Specific duties include release information with the purpose of creating a positive image for the client and also take control of any negative press. These might include booking speaking engagements, public presentations, writing speeches, writing of press releases, contacting reporters, producers and editors in print and broadcast media; create stories for social media; maintaining a press release database; and responsible for organizing promotional or community-centered programs and events.

New Media Producers

As a New Media Producer, you are responsible for producing and delivering the digital versions of content online. Specific duties include the creation of unique audio, visual and text content, such as blogs, podcast and online games, for Web-based publication and distribution. You will oversee the designers and production professionals who use photography, produce digital videos, commercials, film, sound, editing, animation, multimedia presentations, e-learning materials and all digital technologies used to communicate.

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