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Innovation and Entrepreneurship has always lead the way in creating opportuties throughout the global economy. The fields of  Science, Technology, Engineer and Math plus Artistic creativity (aka) STEAM are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century.

Project teams are forming! The STEAM Lab provides opportunities for you to expand your skills by exploring emerging technologies and adapt innovative solutions for various organizations. You will create and implement product solutions that can potentially be sold as services within the marketplace.

TO JOIN,  (1) Select a team role below.  (2) Attend our upcoming orientation. (3) Complete four week training.



The Science Sector

Science jobs cover a variety of functions – from food and clothing technology, pharmaceutical to biomedical science, microbiology, pharmacology and forensic science. See information on the Branches of Science.

The Technology Sector

The technology field can cover the highly technical, such as IT, software developer, computer games designer or technical support; to those requiring good business awareness such as systems analyst, database administrator or web author. Skillsets can be leveraged across all industry field.

The Engineering Sector

There are many variations of engineering. The roles in this sector are varied and constantly growing across all industries. Here just a few of the most prominent: Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Marine, Mechanical and Software Engineering.

The Art/Design Sector

Industrial Design is a cross between engineering and art. Also known as commercial design, Industrial Design is an applied art that involves the industrialization of consumer products. People who work in this field are known as Industrial Designers.

The Mathematics Sector

Mathematics provides to a wide range of rewarding careers. Whether you focus on theoretical mathematics or applied math, the analytical and quantitative skills you develop in a math are a valuable skillset that is transferable to an array of high income career opportunities.

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