Executive Assistant Training

 Exposing students to real-world business opportunities in project-based learning environments.

Executive Assistant Training

Today’s Administrative Assistants serve as the communications and executive managers within various organizations. This profession has a great future and offers the largest number of new job opportunities.

What will be covered?

This program focuses on training students from various backgrounds in meeting the dynamic needs of the 21st Century office.

Lesson 1: Career Outlook

This session profiles industry opportunities and highlight careers options, describe roles, activities, work environment, pay, and more.

Lesson 2: Industry Culture and Terminology

Every organization has a culture. This session will focus on transforming culture into the necessary standards, policies, and practices that underlie a successful organization.

Lesson 3: Effective Communication Skills

Learn effective communication techniques to interact with a diverse range of people. This session will utilize role playing activities in a simulated environment to enhance communication skills.

Lesson 4 : Business Writing and Communications

Good business writing should be clear and concise and create messages that will be read. This session covers various types of business correspondence, reports, power point presentation, emails, etc.

Lesson 5: Intro Sales, Marketing and Promotions

Once you have a clear definition of how you will handle the operations of your organization, emphasis placed on sales marketing and promotions and its role in business will be the central focus of this session.

Lesson 6 : General Office Procedures

This session covers the policies, procedures and processes across the various departments within an organization.

Lesson 7 : Time Management and Scheduling Techniques

Learn to master your time, schedules, and deadlines. The following session will cover techniques to help manage a busy workload.

Lesson 8 : Systems Management

Offices are becoming more efficient through the use of management information systems. This session covers key technologies to increase your productivity.

Lesson 9 :Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting

This program will provide a thorough working knowledge of fundamental accounting/bookkeeping and payroll procedures. This session will cover computerized accounting records, payroll, excel, and quick books.

Lesson 10 :Customer Service Training

This session covers how to deliver superior internal customer service; improve morale, productivity, employee retention, external customer service with vendors and contacts.

Lesson 11 : Human Resources 101

Recruiting and training others is a human resource function essential to the growth of any organization. It’s critical to insure that employees are ready to handle the technological and environmental changes that are likely to impact any business or organization.

Lesson 12 : Project Management and Events Planning

This session deals with every aspect of the project management process in an office setting such as planning meetings, training, exhibitions and/or conference, launch events, IT or admin systems, staff changes and re-structuring.

Lesson 13 : Intro Social Management and Digital Marketing

Discover the marketing power of social media campaigns: creating managing and distributing social content through online communities.

Lesson 14: Crisis Management 101

How to handle difficult situations is essential. Key policies and effective, ongoing preparation training help avoid incidents and escalating crises.

Executive Assistant Training

Course Enrollment

Emerging SMP

Emerging SMP’s seeking to create a business platform and establish a sales funnel over the next 180 days


180 Days/ 6 Months

Established SMP

Established SMP’s seeking to improve their sales funnel and restablish branding and marketing strategies.


120 Days/ 4 Months

Expanding SMP

SMP’s seeking to expand and licensed their business model and products wordwide.


180 Days | 6 Months

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